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About Us

Property organization brings out the straightforwardness and clarity involved in the transaction. KBA is an astonishing commercial property consultant based at Gatwick a town in West Sussex. With more than 20 years of experience and still pushing the perimeter for client fulfilment. KBA focuses on business properties, modifying the state of usual commercial property consultancy.

We do not consider our clients as mere people who pay us for the job. Our aim is to work closely with the clients so as to understand what their needs are and then deliver accordingly. KBA has over 20 years of experience in the field and provides a wide variety to the clients when it comes to locations for selecting an office space. Our fundamental target remains at ensuring that the clients keep growing and expanding the business as much as possible. The importance of location is extremely high for a business to grow as it allows them to connect with their potential customers.

KBA maintain commercial property, commercial offices and corporate real estate at Gatwick town in West Sussex.  KBA’s projection to commercial property management creates a simple yet appreciable experience for clients as commercial property finders. Achieving the greatest levels of quality and delving clarity KBA involving transparency to the entire process.